The Spice Must Flow


A Dune mural, based on the first book. I tried to capture Paul’s visions of past and future in the psychedelic way he experienced them. It was described as a “new terrain of available paths” and the parallels between his visions and the desert sand dunes were just so delicious!

How many references can you spot? I spy with my little eye…

  • Paul Atreides

  • Fremen

  • Baby worm

  • Muad'Dib

  • Spice

  • Crysknife

  • Alia Atreides

  • Single combat

  • Dust storms

  • Harkonnen ships

  • The Emperor's throne

  • Thopters

  • Guild navigator

  • Jihad

  • The test

  • Worms

  • The Bene Gesserit

  • Water

  • Terraforming

  • The shield wall

  • Spice factory crawler

  • The water of life

  • Arrakis

The last book tribute I did was my Neuromancer triptych, and I’m trying to keep it going with some more large scale story-telling pieces. It’s a blast visualizing scenes from a book and coming up with a composition that can cram hundreds of pages into one!

I’m not sure how this is jiving with the obnoxiously-colored illustration style I’ve been developing, I think it needs more work! Maybe something halfway between this and the more muted color palette I used for Neuromancer. It’s also really hard to keep a disciplined rendering style with busy pieces like this!

Next up I’m thinking Lord of the Rings! Although I’d be basing it off the movies rather than the books (I know I know, I’m a heretic!)