Neuromancer: Babylon


The final piece in my Neuromancer triptych—focusing on the artificial intelligence Neuromancer himself as well as Freeside and the Villa Straylight. The first in this series is Case and the second one is Wintermute.

"Really, my artiste, you amaze me. The lengths you will go to in order to accomplish your own destruction. The redundancy of it!… How far you've come, to do it now, and what grotesque props... Playgrounds hung in space, castles hermetically sealed, the rarest rots of old Europa, dead men sealed in little boxes, magic out of China... But I suppose that is the way of an artiste, no? You needed this world built for you, this beach, this place. To die."


"He approached the blackened nest… He saw the thing the shell of gray paper had concealed. Horror."

" 'Remember this?' And his right hand held the charred wasps' nest from Case's dream... 'It's the closest thing you got to what Tessier-Ashpool would like to be. The human equivalent. Straylight's like that nest, or anyway it was supposed to work out that way."


" `I'm fitting Moll for a broadcast rig, though, so it's probably her sensorium you'll access.' The Finn scratched his chin. `So now you get to find out just how tight those jeans really are, huh?' "


Behind the scenes


Drawing the cylindrical space station Freeside was going to be tricky, so... Photoshop to the rescue! I warped & stitched together some stock photos of buildings and pretty lakes.

Any time I've got body parts and intense foreshortening, I turn to Daz3D and Blender to create a reference image. The cut-off arms was a happy rendering accident, which gave me the idea to show the muscles & drug/toxin-filled veins inside.


Iterate, iterate, iterate!

I loved the creepy looped beach simulation, and the way Case was woken up from it by a drug overdose. Some tunnel vision tying together all the settings at the end of the book would be fitting, especially since it jived with the cylindrical space station.


Timelapse video