About me

I was born in Massachusetts in 1989. I grew up on the computer and sat way too close to the TV.

My formative years were spent exploring pixelated worlds in video games. There was a constant stream of stories pouring out of screens and into me. I've been an artist my whole life, I was just compelled to repeat what I was seeing.

Throughout middle and high school, I bounced around between traditional and digital media. Mainly pencils and pixel art, but I tried to dabble in as many different things as I could.

In college, I majored in graphic design with the goal of becoming a web designer. (Of the artsy hobbies I had, design seemed like the obvious choice for a steady paycheck.) This would leave art as a hobby I was free to enjoy without the stress of doing it professionally.

By my senior year, my art was 100% digital. The powers of Photoshop were too seductive to resist! I've sold my soul to the machine.

I've been out of school for 7 years now, and my focus is on digital illustration. I want to return to my roots of hand-drawing things, but with all the advantages I can get from technology. It's been a slower journey since my full-time gig has been design, but now I'm putting the hustle back in my side-hustle!