Hi, I'm Kelly!

I was born in Massachusetts in 1989. I grew up on the computer and sat way too close to the TV.

My childhood was spent immersed in fantasy worlds, drawing monsters and magic in colored pencils, gel pens, markers, chalk—anything I could get my hands on!

As I got older and spent more time on the computer, my focus turned to digital art. It's probably no coincidence that as tech became more ingrained in my life, my tastes shifted to science fiction and the fantasy worlds of the future.

Today, I'm returning to my roots of hand-drawn illustrations with the look of traditional media, but using a variety of digital tools.

My goal is to create arresting illustrations that both contrast and blend natural with artificial.

tools of the trade


My bread and butter! I try to take advantage of every tool & trick it has to offer. I use 84 layers, and I need every one of them.

Blender / Daz3D

I like to use 3D models to pose figures and to try out different viewing angles, warped perspectives, lighting, etc! Then I use the 3D rendering as a drawing reference. In my book, the ends justify the means with art, so there's no such thing as cheating!

Huion display tablet

I have a Kamvas GT-191, and I'm a big fan! Plenty big, and more affordable than a Cintiq. Drawing right on the screen is a huge step up from regular drawing tablets.